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June 02, 2023  

Who is Pama?

PAMA spol. s r.o.

PAMA has established itself as a company with a new philosophy and new commitment that provides customer with innovative know-how and a clear vision of future opportunities offered by the latest technologies.

Since it was founded in 1991, PAMA has offered its services for Telecommunication, CATV providers and operators all over the world. Being aware of the increasingly demanding telecommunication industry and in order to meet growing customer demands, the company provides complete solutions to our customers, including system deployment and operation support. Today, PAMA has become a leading System Integrator of HFC (hybrid fiber/ coax) and telecommunication networks in Central and Eastern Europe. Built on a solid foundation of high quality products and professional services, PAMA is ready to assist operators in all phases of its multiservice or telecommunication networks construction - from design conception to implementation and beyond.

All for Our Customers

Mr.Cong Tu Pham, President

PAMA's future-proof system design enables operators to offer services that are attractive to the subscribers and at the same time provide the operator with a high expected return on investment.

Mr.Cong Tu Pham, President

The operator can benefit from PAMA's solution and build-up a network that:

  • Features optimal technical specifications for supporting bi-directional services
  • Is "future-proof" - new service introduction, typically does not require extensive network upgrade
  • Has lower capital costs compared to most other HFC designs
  • Reduces number of operators and test instruments required for smooth network operation

Our solutions include:

  • Complete package of network deployment support program (covering network design, technology supply, installation and commissioning, etc.)
  • Network operation support (covering technical training, hot-line, on-site services, remote network monitoring and other services)

"Our work shall bring benefits and pleasure to our customers. We are proud of the trust and reputation our customers have given us. We consider it very important that our customers can rely on our best effort." - says Cong Tu Pham - President of PAMA, spol. s r.o.

PAMA is able to deliver any type of equipment, components, as well as tools and accessories for your HFC networks. Contact us with your requirements and our Customer Service Personnel are available to assist you further.